The Story of a Mexican Singer’s Success

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Carlos Rivera is the only Mexican singer who has performed in three of the world’s biggest venues in the same year:  The National Auditorium of Mexico; the Luna Park of Buenos Aires; and the Palacio de los Deportes de Madrid. But before this success, Rivera had a rather normal upbringing in Huamantla, Tlaxcala. Though through his efforts, Rivera has managed to reach the cusp of the music industry, and stands out as a distinguished singer, songwriter, and musical theater actor. “I am a warrior,” admits Rivera.

Growing up in Huamantla, Carlos Rivera discovered early on his musical prowess, and did not hesitate to find outlets for his musical gift in front of crowds in his hometown. “It all started from there… I organized my own concerts, looked for the places, the chairs, the sponsors, the advertising. I even sold the tickets, and then I went to sing,” recalls the singer.

Rivera says he has vivid memories of his childhood. “My first big memory was when I told my mom that I wanted to go on television. I was 12, and there was a contest called ‘Todos a Cantar.’ I begged her to send them a cassette, which was the vehicle for auditions at the time. She thought I was crazy, and turned down my request. However, at 15 years old I no longer needed to ask permission, and so I signed up for a contest and won,” says Rivera.

Ascent to Fame

After winning this contest, as well as various high school contests, Rivera would continue to forge a career.  He then participated in a provincial contest, succeeded by a statewide contest that featured representatives from several states. He became the winner of the fourth season of “La Academia,” a singing contest on Television Azteca (TV AZTECA). Following his triumphant victory, Rivera obtained a contract as an exclusive artist of Sony Music.

Rivera released his first album with Sony in 2007 and a second one in 2010. With both productions, he won a gold record. But Rivera showed he had more to offer when in 2006 when he dipped his feet in musical theater. He was on the cast of Beauty and the Beast and Mamma Mia! In 2011, Disney’s remake of the “Lion King” came into his life, which would begin a new landmark in his career with his embodiment of Simba.

Solo Career

Even though Rivera spent years working on the film, he did not abandon his solo career. In 2013, the 33-year-old artist released his third album “El hubiera no existe.” This album was successful in Latin America and Europe. The production transfigured him into an idol in Argentina, Venezuela, Central America, Spain, and Portugal. About three years later, while producing the album “Yo Creo,” Rivera’s success allowed him to undertake touring internationally.

Rivera’s success kept growing, and soon he collaborated with artists such as Juan Gabriel, Franco de Vita, and José José, among many others. In 2018, Camilo Sesto, a recently deceased Spanish artist, invited him to record “Something about me.” This emotional collaboration will be featured in his upcoming album.

After “Coco”

In 2017, Rivera was chosen to perform “Remember Me,” from the movie Coco. The song, which features a blend of pop and Mariachi exposed Rivera to a global audience. “The song worked so well due to its relatable quality. Loss has happened to everyone. We have all lost a person we love or wish that someone in particular will never leave us,” he said.

Rivera has said this year been one of his most fruitful to date. He has traveled to 30 countries with his “Guerra” tour. The crowd boomed during his presentation at the Viña del Mar Festival in Chile. He was also a judge on the program, “Quién es la Máscara?” and is currently a judge on “La Voz Kids México,” both programs of Televisa. He participated in the Univisión chain in the USA and released the song “El Destino” in a duet with Natalia Jiménez. He has also been partnering with Eva Longoria in Humanitarian efforts.

Attitude on Life

Rivera confessed that the titles on his most recent albums reflect his attitude towards life. On his album “Él Hubiera no existe,” Rivera says, “You will never regret trying.” His “Yo Creo” album indicates he is a man of faith by its title, and Rivera has expressed that he strives to stay committed to what he believes. Rivera premiered as a composer with this album.

On the album “Guerra,” Rivera wrote most of the songs, and credits himself as a “warrior.” “This is part of my story. In my 15 years of career I have shown it,” he said. Rivera has also credited his mother for his warrior attitude. She taught him the value of effort and consistency in life. He learned that things are earned with effort and honest work through her.


Rivera has been described as a charismatic and sympathetic man. These two personal characteristics are what attracted his current girlfriend, Cynthia Rodriguez. They met on the show “The Academy,” even though they did not compete in the same season. Rivera has said that Cynthia is the love of his life, and that he would like to form a family with her when she is ready.

With Natalia and Camilo

Rivera has made duets like many other artists. However, he recently released a version of the song “El Destino,” which was performed by Rocio Dúrcal and Juan Gabriel in 1997. Rivera makes a masterful interpretation of the song with Natalia Jiménez. To add to the gems of his discography, his interpretation of the song “Algo de mi,” is quite a gem. The song is included in the upcoming album “Camilo Symphonic.”

Simba y Coco

Rivera grew in popularity with the themes of The Lion King, and “Remember Me,” from Coco. He sang the theme of the Lion King because he played Simba in the musical theater version of the movie. In 2017, Rivera was chosen to interpret “Remember Me” in the movie “Coco.”