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The ever so radiant Mexican actress, singer, and presenter is still as appealing and charming as ever. Though apart from her successful career, Manterola has also been living as a vegan, and practicing yoga and meditation. Patricia chatted with us and shared some of her beauty tips.

Patricia, now 47, has had an abundant career of more than 30 years. She became a member of Garibaldi, a youth music group, and afterward had a successful solo career. She had great success with the song “Que el Ritmo No Pare” which was ranked as one of the most popular for eight weeks in Latin America.

Until 2007, Patricia was an active actress. She got to participate participate in six soap operas, and filmed five films, four of them in English. But, at the end of the first decade of the 2000’s, Patricia slowed down in her acting commitments, spending most of her time caring for the four centers of her life: her oldest son Lucca; her twins Matteo and Alesso, and Forrest Kolb, her husband, also a musician and an artistic producer of Iranian descent.

In this marriage, Patricia was able to fulfill a deep yearning inside of her, that of motherhood. From the beginning, being a mother was quite intense for her. She had Lucca, her firstborn, through a natural birth taking place inside her own home.

Healthy Life

Opting for a vegan lifestyle and avoiding foods such as alcohol, flour, sugar, Patricia has chosen a healthy lifestyle. She shared videos on social media about the exercise routines she practices. She says she is not a slave to the gym, although attends it very often. She says she exercises regularly at her home with the help of phone apps.

An exemplar of healthy life decisions, Patricia demonstrates the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through her physique. She also practices yoga, a perfect complement she has found to stay fit. Forrest often joins her in her yoga routine.

In Patricia’s words

How did you feel when you returned to music as the “Owl” in the TV program “Who is the mask?”

Patricia Manterola: I felt very surprised upon this return. It was emotional to return to step on stage and connect with people on a deep level through my voice. It was satisfying to make it to the finale undefeated, all thanks to the public. No one had any idea who was behind the owl mask, which was incredible. I am very grateful for this show which aided in my return to the music scene during a time I least expected it.

What has satisfied you most about being a mother to three children?

PM: For me its been knowing that me and Forrest are doing our best to raise our children. I strive for my children to transform into upright citizens with strong emotional intelligence. I want them to make wise decisions in terms of eating healthily and exercising. I believing educating your children by example fortifies a healthy lifestyle. And that is my greatest satisfaction, seeing them grow in a healthy way.

Can you share more insight in terms of staying healthy that you are currently practicing?

PM: I alkalize my body every morning. I do this with a little lemon or vinegar in a cup of warm water. Its always good to do this. I’ve been doing this for a long time to wake up and I do it to keep my body in good condition. This routine is a secret that has worked very well for me.

You are vegan, you practice yoga, you exercise, you follow a beauty routine, how did you develop the ability to stay consistent in these?

PM: Believe it or not, sometimes I struggle very much to stay true to my routines. I think having a healthy thought life is key however. I find if my thoughts dwell on the healthy, its becomes easier to motivate myself. As soon as I started eating healthy, the natural progression for me was to become vegan. I researched, and concluded that veganism was right for me. I practice veganism correctly, often checking my vitamin and protein levels. Constancy comes when you are healthy inwardly and outwardly.

You take good care of your skin, your hair, and your figure, but how do you take care of your soul? Do you have any insight for cultivating a healthy soul and spirit?

PM: Meditation is a powerful tool. It disconnects you from your mind, thoughts, past, and future. It connects you to the being of light that is humanity and somehow returns us to truth. It is that being of light that is the true face of humanity.

Her four treasures

Patricia enjoys her role as mother of her three children: Lucca, Matteo, and Alesso. Meanwhile, she shares her life with her husband Forrest Kolb.

Inspiring Muse

Patricia Manterola wore one of the Venezuelan designer Nicolas Felizola’s creations on her wedding day. Felizola’s talent enlivened such an important part of Patricia’s life. This Venezuelan designer has also designed outfits for Patricia at other important moments such as during the Latin Grammys and Premios Lo Nuestro. “I have loved Felizola’s designs for many years. I have been the muse that has inspired him most and we have had great success on the red carpet. His dresses look as if they were painted by hand,” says Manterola.

(Photo Courtesy of Nicolás Felizola)