La dulce espera de Chiquibaby Chiquibaby's Sweet Wait

The communicator breaks hearts with her sweetness and spontaneity

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We can see Stepanie Himonidis, or Chiquibaby as we all know her, on the morning show “Hoy día” on Telemundo. It is also possible to listen to her radio program “El Show de Chiquibaby” in many cities of the USA. This woman from Guadalajara, Jalisco, captivates with its spontaneous, fun and direct style. She shared great news with us.

Chiquibaby recently underwent a fertilization treatment because she had a great desire to get pregnant. Now she is in the fifth month of her pregnancy. We spoke with her about this significant life choice. She also shared with us her experience being pregnant and even revealed to us some of her desires.

La dulce espera de Chiquibaby Chiquibaby's Sweet Wait

How do you feel about the new stage of “Hoy Día”?

Stephanie Himonidis: I am super happy and learning a lot. I have a lot of fun. I like challenges. I like to innovate and reinvent myself. We are all enjoying it. We are having a good time and we are getting to know each other.

What is your contribution to the morning program team?

SH: I have a very authentic personality and I present that on the show. As a good Mexican, I have no filter and I am honest and transparent. I do not like to pretend that I am someone else on the screen. I am the same in person, on the radio, and on television.

How did you prepare during the pandemic?

SH: Many would think that I was very busy during the pandemic and that is why I got pregnant, as I know happened to many. In my particular case, I went through an in vitro fertilization process. I wasn’t going to let the pandemic, or anything stop me.

Staying calm and working from home lately has allowed me to see the doctor more often. This procedure takes up a lot of your time. But, at the end of the day, my husband and I felt compelled to do this, and I feel it has a great blessing from God.

We started the in vitro procedure in September 2020. We hit the jackpot the first time. We are very happy. We have been wanting to have a child for several years.

What goals do you have during pregnancy?

SH: The main thing is to be healthy. I am working to not get Covid so my child comes out healthy. My husband and I also want to enjoy this special time. Hopefully I don’t get any ailments, since doctors say they are common during pregnancy.

The first few months were a bit heavy on me. I had nausea. I didn’t want to eat or do anything. But as I reach the fifth month, I am enjoying it. I like being in photos. I grab my belly often. I am enjoying my baby at this stage.

La dulce espera de Chiquibaby

As a good native of the land of mariachi, are you exposing your baby to this music?

SH: I haven’t put mariachi on for my baby, but I have put on “banda norteña”. I have felt like mainly listening to regional Mexican music in the car. Bad luck for my baby, I guess. Instead of playing Mozart and Beethoven, I’m playing El Recodo and El Fantasma. I think my baby will just have to be exposed to everything. I will put on mariachi at some point for sure.

Do you have any cravings?

SH: I crave pancakes, but only at night. My other craving is the famous “esquite”. I can’t buy it here in Florida so I make it myself. I put cream, lemon, cheese, Tajín, and chili powder in the corn. It makes my mouth water. It’s just what I want to eat.

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